Mulch Flower Beds

Natural mulch is extremely beneficial for your flower beds. It traps moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often, and it acts as an insulator so your plant roots do not get too hot. Mulch also has the same effect in the winter, keeping plants from getting too cold.  Not to mention it reduces weeds!

Our standard flower bed mulch service includes delivery, installation of 2 to 3 inches of premium hardwood mulch around all plants and landscaping, and cleanup of any debris.   

Hedge Trimming

Pruning and trimming of shrubs and plants must be done with care to ensure that they thrive and that vital branches are not cut.  In most cases, the best time to prune shrubs is during mid spring and early fall. Pruning in winter increases the chances of tree mortality and slows down the plants healing rate.  

Our standard hedge trimming service includes properly trimming all hedges and shrubs, hand pruning sensitive plants, cleaning up all trimmings,  and haul away of all debris.

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